Your Quick And Easy Buyer’s Guide To Choosing A Foot Massager

img2If you’ve heard of the wonderful benefits of using a foot massager, you’re probably already considering getting one. But there are so many of them in the market – how do you select which one is best for you? This step-by-step buyer’s guide can help you out.

Choose A Foot Massager Type

There are three main types of foot massagers available in the market today: manual, electric, and spa massagers.

  • Manual foot massagers are basic tools made of natural materials such as wood. They can be as simple roller tubes on which you can roll your foot. This type of massager works for trouble-free everyday ease, such as when you simply want to relax your feet after a day’s work.
  • Electric foot massagers are mechanisms with automatic rolling (or oscillating), so you can just sit and passively enjoy their function. If you’ve heard of a shiatsu massagers, those are an example of an electric type massager.
  • A spa massager, also known as a hydro-therapy massager, incorporates water and heat into your automatic foot massage. This makes a spa massager larger than other types of massagers, but it also provides the additional benefit of moisturizing your skin.

Pick The Ideal Features

Foot massager companies keep coming up with great features for their products. These are some of the common foot massager features you will find:

  • Cushion surface – A soft foam or plastic pad where you can comfortably place your feet
  • Multiple speeds – With this electronic feature, you can control how slow or fast your feet will be massaged.
  • Convenient controls – To adjust the settings, some massagers have buttons that require you to bend down and press them. Others have more convenient options such as remote controls or toe-touch controls.
  • Heat – Some foot massager models have safe heaters such as infrared to provide therapeutic benefits to your feet.
  • Water jets – These are commonly found in spa massagers and often come with multiple jet speed options.
  • Portability – Some massagers are lightweight, cordless, or both so you can easily carry them.

Consider Your Budget

Depending on the type and the features, a foot massager can cost as low as $20 or as high as around $300. If you’ve found an ideal massager model but it costs outside of your budget, there are various other brands that may offer a similar model at a more affordable price.

Important Note

Foot massagers are often relaxing and therapeutic, but there are certain health conditions that may get aggravated with the use of these devices. It is best to first consult with a doctor before trying out a foot massager, so you’re sure you will fully enjoy your experience.