Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Therapy 2012 Model

Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Therapy 2012 Model

Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Therapy 2012 Model

Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager With Heat Therapy 2012 Model


  • One Full Year Warranty


The Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager by Massage King comes equipped with heat therapy to deliver a soothing massage not just for soles, legs and knees but also for your thighs. The machine’s superior massaging action penetrates deep into the muscles to relieve you of foot and leg pain. You can use it at any time you want at the comfort of your own home to ease the tension and fatigue of the affected areas.

The massaging action of the New Multifunction Foot Massager simulates the hand motions of a professional masseur without having to drive to the SPA or to a message therapist’s office. This machine is one of the very first few foot massagers that extend massaging action to thighs for maximum benefits. It can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees according to your thigh massaging needs, and is equipped with acupuncture point massage function for massaging your knee from different angles. With various combinations of air pressure, roller, acupuncture points and traction, this machine delivers a luxurious massage experience. The Multifunction Foot Massage by Massage King has everything you ever wanted in a foot massaging machine.

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Features and Specifications

  • THE THIGH – You can adjust the massager from 0-90 degree based on your needs. Through air pressure squeezing and impact of release, your muscle will be relaxed completely and you will be revived both physically and spiritually while experiencing unique massage
  • THE KNEE – The acupuncture points of your knee will be massaged from different angles. Infrared heating device can clear and activate the channels and collaterals as well as using far infrared heating function to effectively alleviate joint pain
  • THE LEG – With double action design is able to more effectively massage the leg. By squeezing and kneading via air pressure, acupuncture points around the leg are stimulated to improve blood circulation and reduce fatigue
  • THE SOLE – Use roller or traction in combination with gentle air bag force to stimulate the sole. The massage experience
  • One Full Year Warranty

The Reviews

The online reviews our research team found for the Newest Multifunction Foot Massager Leg Knee Ankle Massager are mostly positive. Majority of the reviewers commented that this machine delivers a deep massage that’s so addicting due to its relaxing results. Users who didn’t have sufficient circulation in their legs and experienced pain deep in the muscles for a quite a while say that the effects of the machine’s massage just feels so good. There are also very positive feedback from reviewers with very poor circulation in their knees, legs, and feet since their surgery which left them unable to get out and walk much due to the abdominal pain. They say that this massager is so great that it relieved them of their pain.

Although the reviewers are pleased with the way the massager looks, a few complained that the quality of the massage is poor as it is hard and not pleasant. Other users say it worked fine for a day, then every time that they need to use the machine, they need to open up the back cover and fix the machine. For 400 bucks, a few unhappy customers believe a machine like this is definitely not worth the price. Another user added that the action and design of this machine would be perfect if the pressure could be reduced.

Most of the reviewers stated that the Newest Multifunction Foot Massager is a fantastic device. The calf massage is nice, and those suffering from a nasty, year-long case of plantar fasciitis claimed that this thing feels absolutely wonderful on their heels. It has airbags that inflate around the foot to hold it in place so that the rollers beneath your feet can dig that much deeper. This product is great for the foot roller and the air bags. Although the heating function is only available at the legs, it’s great to have that than to have no heat at all.

The Newest Multifunction Foot Massager is truly capable of delivering great results due to its deep tissue massaging action. Our research team was also pleased with the machine’s very nice appearance. This machine is perfect for individuals with a shoe size of 9 or lower, but may cause a little pain and discomfort for those with shoe size of 10. Users can choose from its 3 intensity levels so they can have the option for the massage type they want. It also has different settings for male, female, different foot sizes and six different strength settings. Overall, the Newest Multifunction Foot Massager is much more effective than a machine that simply has a platform on which users place their feet.