Your Quick And Easy Buyer’s Guide To Choosing A Foot Massager

img2If you’ve heard of the wonderful benefits of using a foot massager, you’re probably already considering getting one. But there are so many of them in the market – how do you select which one is best for you? This step-by-step buyer’s guide can help you out.

Choose A Foot Massager Type

There are three main types of foot massagers available in the market today: manual, electric, and spa massagers.

  • Manual foot massagers are basic tools made of natural materials such as wood. They can be as simple roller tubes on which you can roll your foot. This type of massager works for trouble-free everyday ease, such as when you simply want to relax your feet after a day’s work.
  • Electric foot massagers are mechanisms with automatic rolling (or oscillating), so you can just sit and passively enjoy their function. If you’ve heard of a shiatsu massagers, those are an example of an electric type massager.
  • A spa massager, also known as a hydro-therapy massager, incorporates water and heat into your automatic foot massage. This makes a spa massager larger than other types of massagers, but it also provides the additional benefit of moisturizing your skin.

Pick The Ideal Features

Foot massager companies keep coming up with great features for their products. These are some of the common foot massager features you will find:

  • Cushion surface – A soft foam or plastic pad where you can comfortably place your feet
  • Multiple speeds – With this electronic feature, you can control how slow or fast your feet will be massaged.
  • Convenient controls – To adjust the settings, some massagers have buttons that require you to bend down and press them. Others have more convenient options such as remote controls or toe-touch controls.
  • Heat – Some foot massager models have safe heaters such as infrared to provide therapeutic benefits to your feet.
  • Water jets – These are commonly found in spa massagers and often come with multiple jet speed options.
  • Portability – Some massagers are lightweight, cordless, or both so you can easily carry them.

Consider Your Budget

Depending on the type and the features, a foot massager can cost as low as $20 or as high as around $300. If you’ve found an ideal massager model but it costs outside of your budget, there are various other brands that may offer a similar model at a more affordable price.

Important Note

Foot massagers are often relaxing and therapeutic, but there are certain health conditions that may get aggravated with the use of these devices. It is best to first consult with a doctor before trying out a foot massager, so you’re sure you will fully enjoy your experience.

Do You Need A Foot Massager? Benefits And Advantages

img1You’ve probably already heard people talking about how great it is to use a foot massager. Just what is it about this device that makes it beneficial? Here are the top benefits of using a foot massager and how it may just be the thing you need.

Relieving pains

Just like a good old-fashioned massage from an experienced masseuse or even a therapy session from a chiropractor, using a foot massager greatly helps relieve pains around your foot muscles and joints. The appropriate pressure applied around aching areas can calm the nerves, ease the ‘knots’ on your muscles, and help circulate blood flow. All of these reduce pains in the human body.

Alleviating health problems

Aside from directly addressing muscle and joint pains, a foot massager can also have an alleviating effect on health issues such as headaches, back pains, and even liver and kidney problems. This is thanks to reflexology, an alternative medicine approach that uses pressure points in your feet to ‘reach’ other body types.

For example, according to a reflexology chart, massaging the upper halves of your toes can relieve headaches by calming the nerves connected to your head.


Perhaps the top reason for you to get a foot massager is that it can really help you relax and ease your everyday stress. After a day’s work, you can just sit on your favorite chair, position your feet on your foot massager, and let the kneading sensation soothe you. This form of relaxation is so simple yet it does wonders in refreshing your body anytime you want.

Minimizing foot stress

If you’re standing, walking, or running a lot, you have probably felt it take a toll on your feet. While these body parts are perfectly capable to carry our weight and to endure labor, overworking them can of course lead to problems such as foot fatigue, joint aches, and really dry skin.

But if you regularly massage your feet with a foot massager, these problems can be avoided. That’s because a good foot massage relaxes your feet, helps blood circulation, and refreshes your muscles and joints.

The Best Foot Massagers For Heel Pain

heel-painDoes the bottom of your foot hurt when you stand or walk? Is it painful when you put your weight on your heels? You may have plantar fasciitis, a very common yet inconvenient strain in the ligaments of your foot.

Not to worry though – using a good foot massager can treat this. Here are the top qualities you should look for in a foot massage machine, and the recommended brands and models.

Heat therapy

Incorporating the right amount of heat into your foot massage can make it a lot more therapeutic. Certain levels of heat can ease your nerves and help improve your blood circulation, resulting in the reduction of pains and ligament strain. There are many foot massage devices that have safe heaters, so in choosing the best one, you’ll want to read customer reviews.

Recommended brand and model: uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager – Providing heated air in a Shiatsu-style kneading, this machine is popular and highly rated on Amazon.

Good speed options

Kneading speed is one of the most important factors in easing plantar fasciitis. A foot massager that kneads too fast may aggravate your health condition, while a foot massager that kneads too slow may not work on you at all. Look for a machine that has flexible speed options to truly match what your foot needs.

Recommended brand and model: Medimassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager – Reviewers have praised this machine for its 11 different speed settings, which makes it among the most flexible in the market today.

Targeted massage

Another essential foot massager feature for heel pain is targeted massaging. Plantar fasciitis involves the ligament supporting the arch of the foot, so you’ll want the therapeutic massage benefits to be applied around that area. Thankfully, there are foot massagers that have preset targeted massage settings for your needs.

Recommended brand and model: AW Kneading Rolling Foot Massager – One of this machine’s excellent features is its “specific mode” that allows you to choose which to target: the arch of your foot, the tips of your toes, or your soles.

Foot Massage And Reflexology: Why They Matter

img3It’s been proven time and again that for many of our health needs, the natural approach works wonderfully. Massage is one of the best examples for this. In particular, reflexology applied to foot massage has been found to be a helpful method to improve one’s health.

How exactly do foot massage and reflexology help you? Read on to find out why these matter to you.

Understanding Reflexology

Some people are reluctant to try alternative approaches to health such as reflexology, but many of the doubts surrounding this method are only from lack of awareness.

In a nutshell, reflexology is the method of healing or easing certain health conditions by applying pressure to appropriate areas of the feet. The basic premise is that there are nerves and reflex points in the feet that affect other parts of the body, all the way up to the head. Stimulating these points in the feet ‘reaches’ the corresponding body parts or organs, and with proper stimulation, these body parts can heal.

However, it’s not as unbelievably magical as it seems. There are appropriate techniques, foot charts, and tools that must be used for reflexology to work. In addition, this method is not an instant cure for all health issues. You must first understand your health concern before you can enjoy the benefits of reflexology.

Life-Changing Effects Of Reflexology And Foot Massage

When reflexology is applied to your foot massage, it can result in amazing changes in your body.

For one, it helps your body heal itself. As discussed above, proper stimulation of the pressure points in your feet triggers the restorative process of your body parts. This results in a great reduction of many health complaints, from simple headaches to liver or kidney problems. In other words, foot massage with reflexology is an accessible form of therapy that works wonders.

Another great effect of reflexology foot massage is improved mental and emotional health. The physical relaxation you get from this massage helps reduce your stress, soothe your mind, and refresh your outlook. With regular application, you’ll notice a clearer, lighter disposition in your daily life. Some people even say that the therapeutic effects of reflexology reduces their anxiety and depression.

All these benefits matter to all of us in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. With so much work and stress surrounding us, reflexology through foot massage is a good way to keep our body in top form.

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